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JAM & JEST rankers from COS Physics dorm


             Our group members have made it big!! They have been selected to many prestigious institutes like IITs(Mumbai, Delhi, Kharagpur Kanpur, etc), ICTS Bangalore, HRI Allahabad, IMSc Chennai, TIFR Mumbai, TIFR Hyderabad, IISERs and other universities like HCU, Pune University, etc.

Here is the link to our Telegram group “Physics after Engineering” where most of them are members.

We’ve asked them to enter their details in this sheet along with their educational background to give readers an idea of where they have the rank to get into those institutes. Here is the list!!

Note: These are not the only Engineers admitted in those institutes. People who went to the IITs and other institutes have found some other Engineers there in their class who are unaware of the blog and our groups.

Nakul Aggarwal has got 5th rank in JEST 2020, will update the list soon
JAM Ranks
JEST Ranks
Also, do visit all other useful content of our blog 
Physics after Engineering.

Below is the link for our Whatsapp group with 500+ members all of whom are engineers who actively discuss and help each other out in entering the physics stream after engineering.
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