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JAM & JEST rankers from CoS Physics dorm

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Guest/Multiple authors

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Our group members have made it big!! They have been selected to many prestigious institutes like IITs(Mumbai, Delhi, Kharagpur Kanpur, etc), ICTS Bangalore, HRI Allahabad, IMSc Chennai, TIFR Mumbai, TIFR Hyderabad, IISERs and other universities like HCU, Pune University, etc.

Here is the link to our Telegram group of CoS Physics dorm where most of them are members.

We’ve asked them to enter their details in this sheet along with their educational background to give readers an idea of where they have the rank to get into those institutes. Here is the list!!

Note: These are not the only Engineers admitted to those institutes. People who went to the IITs and other institutes have found some other Engineers there in their class who are unaware of the blog and our groups.

IIT JAM 2022 Rankers from our CoS Community!!

Rank Name Score Branch UG College College Joined Colleges Offered
20 Aditya Sharma 79.67 BSc(Physics) Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida IIT Bombay All IITs
23 Devesh Dhole 79 B.E (CSE) BITS, Goa IIT Bombay All IITs
31 Manish Jain 78 BTech ( Mechanical ) NIT Silchar IIT Kanpur All IITs
40 Kartik Suresh Prabhu 76.67 BTech(Mechanical Engineering) Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Mumbai IIT Bombay All IITs and IISCs, with no restriction on engineers.
56 Parteek Bansal 73.67 B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) IIT (BHU), Varanasi IIT Kanpur (withdrew due to personal reasons) IIT Kanpur
68 Ravi Kunturkar 72 BTech (ECE), Minor Physics NIT Trichy IIT Bombay NA
73 Akash Pujari 71.33 BTech(ECE) Osmania University, Hyderabad IIT Madras IIT Madras
79 Divyanshu Srivastava 70.33 BTech(CSE) IIIT Ranchi IIT Kanpur All IITs except IIT Bombay
89 Jay Solanki 69.67 BTech (ECE) NIT, Surat IIT Delhi IIT Delhi
93 Soham Choudhury 69.33 BTech (Electrical) Jadavpur University IIT Kanpur IIT M, D, K
172 Divij Gupta 64.33 Lucknow University, UTTAR PRADESH IIT Kanpur IIT Kanpur
174 Akhil Kumar Awasthi 64.33 BSc(Physics) University of Lucknow HRI (Through Jest) IIT Kanpur
260 Debankur Basak 60.33 BSc (Physics) Scottish Church College IIT M IIT Madras
280 Sankar Maradana 59.33 BTech (Mechanical) IIT Bhubaneswar IIT Madras IIT Madras
297 Pritam Dalal 59 B.Sc(PHYSICS) Barasat Government College, West Bengal Ramkrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research University, Belur IIT Kgp
301 Koustabh Gogoi 58.67 BSc(Major-Physics, Minors-Maths, Statistics) Cotton University, Guwahati IIT-Guwahati IIT Guwahati
318 Omkar Karnik 58 BTech Mechanical Mumbai University IIT Guwahati IIT G, Gn, H, Indore, Mandi
413 Amey Bagare 55 BSc Physics Mumbai University Mumbai 2nd Year, Admission not taken IIT Gn, Indore, BHU, Ropar
477 Ananya Biswas 53.33 BSc Physics (Honours), Mathematics (General), Chemistry (General) Maulana Azad College, Kolkata NIT Rourkela IIT Ropar, Dhanbad, NIT Rourkela
481 Md Asif Zia 53.33 BSc (Physics) BIT Mesra IIT Gandhinagar IIT Gandhinagar
501 Aravinth Ram K 53 BSc (Physics) Thiagarajar College, Affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, Tamil Nadu. IIT Kharagpur IIT Kharagpur, IIT Guwahati
555 Gaurav Kulkarni 51.67 BSc Hons. Physics Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya Indore (M.P) IIT Bhubaneshwar IIT Patna, IIT Jodhpur
579 Hemanth Potluri 52 BE (Mechanical) BITS-PILANI IIT Indore IIT Palakkad, Mandi and Indore
501 Aravinth Ram K 53 BSc (Physics) Thiagarajar College IIT Kharagpur IIT Kgp, IIT Guwahati
555 Gaurav Kulkarni 51.67 BSc Hons. Physics Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya Indore (M.P) IIT Bhubaneshwar IIT Patna, IIT Jodhpur
579 Hemanth Potluri 52 BE (Mechanical) BITS-Pilani IIT Indore IIT Palakkad, Mandi and Indore
585 Piyush Saklani 51.33 B.Tech (CE) Graphic Era hill University IIT Hyderabad IIT Indore, Gn, BHU, etc.
600 Abhiraj Uppal 51 B.Tech ME AKTU, Lucknow IIT JODHPUR IIT Dhanbad, Patna, Pkd, Mandi
658 Akash Singh 49.67 B.Tech(EE) AKTU, Lucknow IIT (ISM) Dhanbad IIT (ISM) Dhanbad
702 Vivek Verma 48.65 B.Tech (Mechanical) NITRR, Raipur IIT- Gandhinagar The new IITs, I also got benefitted from my OBC NCL category
707 Sumit Yadav 48.67 BSc(H) Physics Calcutta University, New Alipore College Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for advanced scientific research (JNCASR) JNCASR
745 Shivanshu Tomar 48 B.E. (Chemical engineering) Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwa Vidhyalaya IIT Mandi IIT Mandi
750 Satyajit Chakraborty 47.67 BSc (Physics) University of Calcutta NIT Rourkela IIT Pkd MSc(physics), Kgp (Medical physics Int PhD), Dhanbad (MSc Tech Geophysics), Jodhpur (MSc – M.Tech Physics)
778 Kairamkonda praveenkumar 48 BSc Physics Osmania University, Hyderabad IIT Indore IIT Indore
891 Gorige Pavan 45 BSc (M.P.C) Osmania University IIT Kgp IITS, NITS, and CFI
914 Sarvesh Gharat 44.67 BTech (ECE) VIIT Pune PhD offers from all 4 places I applied, chose CMINDS, IIT Bombay (GATE Physics) Didn’t register for counseling
1256 Prashant Singh 40.33 BSc(physics,mathematics,statistics) RLSI Belagavi(Karnataka) None None
1428 Manish Varshney 34.5 BSc (Physics) Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh N/A, Dropped the Year
1464 Hari om 38 BSc physical science Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida NIT Durgapur NISER, IISER Tvm, and a few NITs.

IIT JAM 2021 Rankers from our CoS Community!!

RankScoreNameEngineering branch
186.33Prince Vibek BaruahComputer Science ( also MBA graduate )
1173.33Jatin NardeElectronics and Instrumentation engineering
1273SarthakB.Sc. Physics (H)
1371Akash ShandilyaInformation Technology
2368.67Priesh RoyBSc Hons
9958.33Snehil PandeyMechanical
15854.67Varun GoenkaECE
16054.67Devang AgnihotriECE
16454.33Chirag VermaPhysics (hons)
16954.33Shaunak Patharkar Mechanical
18053.67Priyankush DekaMechanical Engineering
18453.67Vednarayan Iyer EXTC
19752.67Pradipta Sankar PathakBSc (H.) Physics
19852.67Jatin ThakurMechanical
24551.33Dhananjay KapseMechanical
25051Mohit kwatraECE
42645.6Sourav ThapliyalBSc Physics
44245.33anonymous (female)BSc. Physics
44445.33Ankit TyagiMechanical Engineering
48844.33Kshitij Sanjay ChavanMechanical
53143.33Shantanu D DatarElectrical and Electronics Engineering
53743.33Sourav MittalMechanical & Automation
61142Ninad khobrekarMechanical
65941.33Hrushikesh Gawali Mechanical engineering
72440.33Zainul KhanPHYSICS
75040Atul KulkarniMechanical
84739Umashankar PardhiAgricultural Engineering
157731Yash TambeElectronics and Telecommunications
248624.33Vishal SMining Engineering

JAM Ranks
JEST Ranks

16 thoughts on “JAM & JEST rankers from CoS Physics dorm”

  1. Hello,

    I am about to give IITJAM 2020. I am a Btech Mechanical student from IIT Dhanbad. Can I get admisiion in IIT Delhi, Madras ,Kharagpur,Bombay,and Kanpur for MSC Physics if I get the desired rank??

  2. Is is possible that I may be rejected at the time of admission in IITs even if I got a seat through IIT JAM in IIT Delhi due to my Mechanical Engineering background. I want to know the details of IIT counselling procedure in details. How do I contact the people who got admitted this year. The discord link which is given is expired.

  3. Read the post on 'eligibility criteria for admission in IITs'. It's very unlikely that it'll happen but unfortunately it had happened once to a girl I met. None of the people mentioned above her any such issue. Before placing the IIT in your preference list you can mail them on their official ID or even better the HOD, asking to confirm your eligibility. That's what all the above people have done. In case there shall arise any issue later you can show them the mail.

  4. The column "Admission Denied due to Engineering Background" refers to admission denied during admission process(on the day of admission ) or in JOAPS portal itself during allotment?

  5. Hello, Can someone help me here. I am B Tech Civil Engineering, after working for 8 years in Steel industry, I have left my job and now teaching students, but I wanted to have my masters in Physics or Engineering physics now ( in IITs) and want to do it full time and now i am 36. So is it possible for me to appear in GATE and do the masters in physics. I need help from you. Also tell me if there is any other option.

  6. I have appeared gate twice and got very low score of 34.8 in second attempt my question is am I have the competence to clear jam and my graduation is from a tire 3 college with average aggregate how tough was it compared to gate ?? And lastly I am very much interested in material science and quantum theory can i get them with valid jam score my engineering background from ece ?

  7. Hello, i did my mechanical engineering from iit Roorkee in 2018 and I'm currently teaching physics for jee in Mumbai and I really want to pursue physics now, so I was thinking of doing my masters from India and then PhD from abroad so can you please guide me how can I take admission in msc physics in Pune University or Mumbai University or can you suggest any better options? Please help, I desperately need it.

  8. Hello, I am a 3rd-year Instrumentation & Control Engineering student from Nirma University, Ahmedabad.
    What is best to do after B.Tech- MSc or Ph.D.?
    Because I’ve asked many people about it, they said BTech is already equivalent to Bsc + Msc, So you can go for Ph.D.
    But I have heard that to get selected for a Ph.D. program you have to publish some research papers in that area of research. So I have got confused & got scared about what to do after BTech.
    Also, what are the job opportunities at ISRO or any other Research Institute after doing MSc/Ph.D.

    Please Reply

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