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            Citizens of Science (COS) is a Not-for-profit initiative. We are looking to make a WhatsApp community of students & graduates of economics from the top institutes all over the country, where they can stay connected & interact with each other. Parallelly, for those of them interested in reaching out to helping the newbies and enthusiasts, it’ll be a platform to facilitate that.

A similar initiative of ours for Physics & Maths was widely successful in that, 35 of engineers from our community made it to MSc Physics programs at IITs in the last couple of years. 

They actively interact & help each other in the groups, write blog posts about exam preparation and interview experiences etc. Check-out the wide range of blog posts from All India toppers in Physics & Mathematics. The blogs are so useful that Padmashree Awardee and renowned Physics author Dr. HC Verma, have appreciated them in a mail.

We believe we also have played a substantial role in compelling the IITs to change the eligibility criteria to patently allow engineers to do MSc Physics (Full story here)

So, I request you to join us, help build such a lovely community for Economics too.

Do join the community if you wish to be part of creating a similar platform for Economics where Economics students & Graduates from top institutes all over the country network with each other and also help out those enthusiasts who are confused regarding how to get into the field of economics.