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Views on Amit Goyal classes for preparation for ISI & DSE


I can’t comment who is best but I would like to share my experience about Amit Goyal classes for preparation for ISI & DSE. I attended his classes for the year 2017–2018 Here is list of pros & cons according to me.


Excellent Microeconomics – This is indeed the best part of his coaching. Microeconomics classes were great specially consumer theory which was absolutely miraculous ( will be evident if you take trial class here & compare with any coaching Centre since everyone starts with consumer theory ) He used graphical approach to solve problems which I found a useful way of solving problems. I used to hate graphs to core but now I extensively use them to solve problems.

Logical & Convincing Explanation – His way of explaining things is good and pretty convincing. You won’t be cramming things and most of results used for problem solving are proved or intuition is provided.

Enables you to think – His approach enables you to think. If you give a try to do questions and understand his lectures it will greatly help you to think. Some of my friends find this pro overpowers the cons listed below but many others don’t.


Limited Coverage : Although whatever he taught was excellent but entrance exams require comprehensive coverage of topics which I found pretty bad based upon my experience of doing 10 years of both ISI & DSE.

  1. Micro & Probability were done exceedingly well from the entrance point of view.
  2. Topics like Confidence Interval, Hypothesis Testing, Estimation were not done properly in Stats.
  3. In Macroeconomics only Solow Model & Labour Markets were done. I am somewhat satisfied with it. All theoretical parts you will have to figure out on your own. No practice questions are there from his side to practice the same.
  4. In Ecotrix, only simple linear regression model was covered. Many other topics were left. Coverage was not good. Please don’t take this subject lightly. For instance, in 2016 DSE, 10 out of 40 questions were Ecotrix only. DSE_2016.pdf. Also in 2018, around 12 out of 50 were ecotrix. DSE 2018.pdf
  5. Coverage in Maths on important topics was way too limited.
      • Logic, Preference Theory, Convexity & Real Analysis were pretty good. He went in to much detail in Real Analysis which was not required. He seems to be more interested in teaching stuffs useful at Masters courses In DSE & ISI at cost of doing only few things requires for entrance exams.
      • Topics such as Calculus & Linear Algebra was way too limited. It is most important section from entrance point of view. ISI & DSE Maths ask extensively on these topics.
      • Other topics such as Series, Theory of Polynomials, Binomial Theorem were also not covered ( Required for ISI )
      • Long Classes – Each class was 7–8 hours long ( although break is given after 4 hours but one becomes too exhausted) As a result you will experience difficulty in understanding after some time.
      • Pretty Less Problem Solving – Barring Micro & Probability, there was scant problem solving in other subjects. In Maths, in 5 hour class barely 1 hour was dedicated to problem solving, mostly proofs was done. In Macro & Ecotrix there was not enough classes. Also due to rigidity of 25 classes, there was shortage of time pretty less questions were solved.
      • NO Mock Test – Personally I feel mock test must be provided for important entrance exams so that a person can judge whether he/she is going in right direction.
      • Less Scope of Clearing Doubts – It happens that many small doubts creep in when you are studying. You only have online forums to get it resolved. In classes, he does not take properly address your doubts. So you need to have good peer group. For solving full fledged questions doubt classes are provided but we had only done Micro & Macro till then so it was confined to these subjects only. Doubts from DSE & ISI from 2004 to 2012 (10 years Micro, Macro & Maths) were also extensively discussed in class. It was helpful for Micro & Macro, but blindly discussing Maths without teaching such topics doesn’t instill confidence. Moreover Doubt Classes were also not held in last couple of lectures when it was needed the most ( to discuss stats, ecotrix & remaining 10 years )
      • Poor Study Material – Micro had good material for solving questions. Non existent material was there to solve questions from Macro & Ecotrix( you have just 10 years to do same). In Stats most of topics had good enough materials to solve questions. In Maths, questions were rigorous, but you will be able to them only if you have done these topics on your own.
      • Erratic Schedule of Classes – We had already started late in August. Classes started properly from September only. Even after that there was too many gaps between classes. As a result classes ended 2 weeks after they were supposed to end. Syllabus should have been completed prior 1 month of entrance exams. Also there was too much pressure at the end with semester exams approaching & Internals & other entrance exams happening around that time. Schedule of classes was not well managed at my time.
      • Although other exams are easy, but practice material must be provided for other entrance exam also which are equally important for students


  • It is not a coaching class rather a mini master course in microeconomics & Probability and Real Analysis. But in Macroeconomics & Ecotrix, there is nothing much in his classes.
  • Apart from Micro, there is nothing much special in his classes that he will teach from entrance point of view which you can’t find it books or online lectures. For Stats, do Stats 110 ( online lectures of stats from Harvard University ).


1 thought on “Views on Amit Goyal classes for preparation for ISI & DSE”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the feedback. Just wanted to say that you have listed some of the pros in the list of cons by mistake such as
    “Micro & Probability were done exceedingly well from the entrance point of view.” ,
    “probability, real analysis, convexity and preferences are pretty good”,
    “In Stats most of topics had good enough materials to solve questions.”
    I think you can make this correction.

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