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The Story of CoS

Content from students of IITs, IISERs, TIFRs etc.

Don’t be surprised if you find articles & videos from AIR-1s and AIR-5s. No Click-Bait, Legit useful posts & videos from students some of whom are in top institutes such as IITs, TIFRs, IISERs etc.

Well-knit communities of 1000s of enthusiasts

You’ll be warmly welcomed by  Hundreds of us (including the authors of the blogposts) who can understand and share your joy in learning things out of sheer passion! We constantly help each other out, give suggestions & share about opportunities etc..

Crowd-sourced Information

Our community members hail from diverse places from all over the country(some studying abroad). We gather information regarding the best colleges and Universities from their places

Not-for profit

Every thing here is free for everyone. Not a rupee was charged from anyone nor do we plan on doing it ever. We’ll probably have a donation based revenue model (We’ll let you know once we begin it).

“Dear Dushyanth, 

I read your blog today and was highly impressed by the kind of information and article that you have given the links for. Wonderful. I am all for it. With the kind of persistence that you have you can get into the authorities at the central level.” [Referring to Physics after Engineering blog]

Dr. H C Verma

Renowned Author
Padmashri Awardee

From the Giants

"The CoS website looks good. It is important you are building a community and support setup for people who realise that engineering is not for them and would like follow their passion for physics. I get queries from many such people - I know where to point them to now"
Dr. Rajesh Gopakumar
Director, ICTS-Bangalore
"I was very happy to receive your email and to follow the links. It takes a load of my mind and I will be happy to simply redirect queries to CoS. It is far more relevant than my saga, which is nearly 50 years old.
Good luck!
Dr. Ramamurti Shankar
Professor, Yale University
Highly revered for Physics
YouTube Lectures with
over 20 Millon views
"Dear Dushyanth,

I wish you all the best in your noble endeavour. Wishing you all success.

Love and Peace"
Arvind Gupta
Padmashree Awardee,
UNESCO Consultant
Translated over 300
Science Books to Hindi

From the community

"The first time I came across CoS community while searching for physics Universities, I had tears in my eyes that somebody made it and there is hope for me, Thank you"

Pavan Kumar
Aix Marseille University, France
"Without this community, I'm not sure whether I would have been able to change my field, let alone do a PhD. I received the necessary support in my pursuit from them and most importantly, got the belief that what I aspire to do is achievable. CoS has been a key factor for me, as well as for a large number of other students in enabling us to pursue our dreams"
Kunal Vyas
Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
"I joined the community in 2018 when there were only 35 people in cos, now we are a family of over 2000. It really helped me in the transition by providing community while preparing for entrance exams. Blogposts were informative and covered almost all the aspects of this journey. Its always nice to have a community when treading an unconventional path"
Rishab Kaushik
PhD* ICTS, Bangalore
MSc Physics, IIT Kanpur

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