Accolades & Testimonials


" Among [...] applicants many of them came to know about this institute through your blog. So we [on behalf of the department of Physics, the LNMIIT, Jaipur] really want to thank you for creating this blog. Both aspirants as well as the good academic institutions are getting benefited by CoS."
Dr. Subhayan Biswas
HoD, Department of Physics
LNMIIT, Jaipur.
"The CoS website looks good. It is important you are building a community and support setup for people who realise that engineering is not for them and would like follow their passion for physics. I get queries from many such people - I know where to point them to now"
Dr. Rajesh Gopakumar
Director, ICTS-Bangalore
"Dear Dushyanth,
I was very happy to receive your email and to follow the links. It takes a load off my mind and I will be happy to simply redirect queries to CoS. It is far more relevant than my saga, which is nearly 50 years old. Good luck!"
Dr. Ramamurti Shankar
Professor, Yale University
Highly revered for Physics
Lectures with over 20 Millon views on YouTube
"Dear Dushyanth, It was a pleasure having met you. It feels like having met my own self a few decades back. Your energy and enthusiasm are infectious. And, the mission laudable. Having lived a life that is curiosity-driven (and, I am not done yet!), I connect with your mission. I will be happy to contribute any which way possible."
Dr. Ganesh Bagler
Associate Professor,
IIIT Delhi
"Dear Dushyanth,
I read your blog today and was highly impressed by the kind of information and article that you have given the links for. Wonderful. I am all for it. With the kind of persistence that you have you can get into the authorities at the central level.” [Referring to Physics after Engineering blog] "
Dr. H C Verma
Padmashree Awardee,
Physics author with
Millions of Copies sold
"Dear Dushyanth,

I wish you all the best in your noble endeavour. Wishing you all success.
Love and Peace"
Arvind Gupta
Padmashree Awardee,
UNESCO Consultant,
TED Speaker,
Translated over 300
Science Books to Hindi


"The first time I came across CoS community while searching for physics Universities, I had tears in my eyes that somebody made it and there is hope for me, Thank you"

Pavan Kumar
Aix Marseille University, France
"Without this community, I'm not sure whether I would have been able to change my field, let alone do a PhD. I received the necessary support in my pursuit from them and most importantly, got the belief that what I aspire to do is achievable. CoS has been a key factor for me, as well as for a large number of other students in enabling us to pursue our dreams"
Kunal Vyas
PhD*, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
MSc Physics, IIT Bombay
"I was wondering about my career change from medicine to physical sciences when I came across this group which helped and guided students who wanted to switch from engineering to physics. Though my plans changed (for now), but I sticked to the community for the great people I met here. Here I met some of the best people I know today and the credit goes to Dussy"
Nishant Khurana
MBBS, AIIMS-Rishikesh
"The CoS platform is a unique one, bringing together people from a variety of fields to collectively work towards their common interests. Through them, I've been able to get in touch with people pursuing Astronomy (and Physics in general) not just in India, but around the world as well. It's also been one of the best places for staying updated on new events, conferences and opportunities, and I believe that diversifying into other fields would allow my friends and colleagues in fields like biology, economics or even history benefit from this culture of mutual support.
Hoping to see CoS continue to grow and thrive!"
Anshuman Acharya
PhD*, Max Planck Institute
Former Visiting Student at Harvard University
"I was looking for ways to shift to physics after engineering, I stumbled upon CoS and I realised that my aspirations were not unfeasible. Even after starting my preparation for JAM and JEST I was unsure of being able to get a seat in an IIT as I did not qualify any of the eligibility criterions because of my CS background. But the CoS has campaign I believe, helped change the eligibility criteria to include engineers from any branch. It is only because of this and the motivation this community gave me, I am pursuing my dream.."
Akash Shandilya
MSc Physics
IIT Bombay
"I owe a lot to this community for wherever I am today. I think I was in my first year, when I first came across a link to join CoS. I was fascinated how people before me had actually made the career shift, this gave me a sense of belief and I started working towards the same. I have made friends with a lot of its members, many of whom have helped me directly in my applications and played a significant role in deciding what options I should choose and what would be the next right step for my career. I am genuinely proud to watch this random WhatsApp group grow from it's early infancy to a full fledged community. Cheers to life, physics and COS."
Sankarshan Sahu
Sorborne University

"I'm glad to be a member of CoS. It's good see it expanding beyond sciences, now a lot more people will be benefitted. I am grateful to CoS for bringing us together and guiding many people towards their career"

Suneel Reddy
AIR-2 JAM Mathematics
"I joined the community in 2018 when there were only 35 people in CoS, now we are a family of over 2000. It really helped me in the transition by providing community while preparing for entrance exams. Blogposts were informative and covered almost all the aspects of this journey. Its always nice to have a community when treading an unconventional path"
Rishab Kaushik
PhD* ICTS, Bangalore
MSc Physics, IIT Kanpur

"I am extremely grateful to have come across the CoS community when I needed some solid guidance in switching fields. Thanks to Dushyanth, I came in contact with loads of amazing people who helped me throughout the process and made it possible"
Surabhi Chandra
Ex- Goldman Sachs,
"Any question posted on the group has multiple people reaching out to help. It was very comforting to know that there is a whole community of students with situations similar to mine. I found that the members of the community were ever eager to help each other. Happy to say that I am now pursuing my MS in Physics at New York University. Special credit to Dushyanth for having taken the initiative to create this community. I have seen that he goes out of his way to help people, in whatever way he can. "
Arjun Suresh
PhD*, New York university
"With a new kicked in interest in 2018, I googled, 'can I pursue Physics after an Engineering' and the rest is history. I browsed through posts and joined the then small budding community. Now as I look back to the moments of uncertainty where I should have been stressed out it actually was fun and enjoyable all thanks to the amazing people from COS"
Akash Gupta
Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich
"Dushyanth and his PAE (that's what we oldies dearly call the "CoS") were a boon for me and aided me immensely in starting my career in physics. During the later years of my engineering I wanted to pursue Physics but has a very little idea on how to do that, that's where Dushyanth with his PAE steps in. The plethora of guidance material available in blogs and their Google drive is amazing."
Harshul Gupta
PhD*, University of Illinois
MSc, IIT Bombay
AIR 22 JAM & 54 in JEST
"I was a clueless engineer, with 18 backlogs from a Tier-3 engineering college. This blog guided and motivated me to follow my dream to pursue Physics after engineering. CoS is like a lighthouse in the dark sea of ignorance for someone who wants to pursue science"
Pravesh Sharma
MSc Physics, IIT Bombay
"The group was really helpful in many ways. I realized I was not alone in my journey and gained a support system. I also got the chance to read many blogs to find out about the different entrance exams. I also learned about the various sub-fields of physics and which one to choose"
Anand Hari Natarajan
Northeastern University
"When I shifted to physics after my graduation, none of my friends, teachers knew what having a research career in physics is like. In uncertain times like these, the kind of support one can get from a community like CoS is extremely important!"
Niket Shah
PhD Physics*, IIT Bombay
"CoS is a fantastic initiative. Even just a few years ago, there wasn't enough information for people who wanted to switch careers from engineering to physics or mathematics. CoS has done a great job in filling that gap. The website is organized pretty well and I am sure it would continue to help and inspire students in future."
Vaibhav Sharma
PhD* Cornell University
MSc Physics, IIT Bombay
"I secured a seat in IIT Kanpur through JEE and an MBBS seat through NEET as well. Due to my varied Interests, I was confused what to choose among them. I came across CoS and I was put in touch with CoS members Nishant bhaiyya (AIIMS Rishikesh) and Saad bhaiyya (IIT Kanpur). Turns out, there ARE options available to carve my own path along my interests! It really helped to come across members on the same boat"
Ritam Pal
Cracked JEE, NEET & KVPY
Calcutta National Medical College
"CoS has served as a platform for inimitable learning through research discussions on myriad topics in physics. The blogs and workshops were the best resources I could find while I was preparing for interviews. In addition, it has given me a chance to connect with like-minded people in physics. I am highly indebted to CoS for its invaluable contributions in my transition from engineering to physics."
Nakul Aggarwal
Alberta University
"I didn’t know what exams to take or how to prepare; CoS showed me the right track and simultaneously encouraged me with the required motivation. The entire community enlightened me with the fact that anyone with proper interest and willpower can pursue physics at any point in their lives. I am delighted to be a part of this community, and I am quite thrilled to see it growing
Prince Vibek Baruah
AIR-1 (JAM 2021)
Int. PhD*, IISc
MBA, IIM Indore
B.Tech, IIT Bombay(CSE)
"I was a confused higschool grad who took admission in IIT K BTech ME. Over a year of interaction with people from CoS gave me the necessary exposure I needed to switch my stream to Physics, something which I thoroughly enjoy. Beyond Physics, I made friends with a bunch of crackheads whom I cherish a lot, for the fun and their guidance."
Mohammad Saad
IIT Kanpur
"I am glad that I came across CoS while preparing for JEST. Reference books, previous years' questions and the notes suggested/provided are amazing. Whenever you are stuck there is someone from the community to help you out. I owe my achievement in JEST to CoS."
Deepmala Wadhwani
B.Tech, IIT Roorkee
"I worked as a software professional for a few years. After learning about my interest and challenges while looking for a transitioning window, a dear friend researched and shared the link to join CoS in 2019. I can never thank her enough. Knowing that many people are in the same boat as you helps tremendously in what previously seemed a solo effort. Not just this, but the active and helpful discussions about entrance exam preparations and other switching options helped me make the transition. Thanks to Dushyanth for building this community and helping it grow."
Swati Singh
MSc Physics,
IIT Patna
"For an aerospace engineer like me interested in astrophysics, joining CoS has proven to be extremely rewarding and informative. I not only learned about the books and resources, outreach events, Physics professors, and internship opportunities throughout the country and the world, but I also learned the most valuable lesson of all. That I wasn't alone and that I needed some exposure to a community of people from diverse fields who were as bewildered as I was to understand that it's never too late to pursue a passion! Cheers to CoS and the entire community. Best wishes!"
Arpita Roddanavar
PhD*, New Jersey Institute of Technology
MS in Space Physics, IISER Kolkata
"Coming from an engineering background, I often felt alone during my college years chasing the dream of becoming an Astronomer, a career no one had ever pursued in my university. I used to search for research internships while my friends were looking for their placing in the corporate world. This loneliness often made me question whether I was in the right direction or not. Meeting the CoS community boosted my moral as I finally found people sharing the same research interests. The community acted as my motivation to stay perseverant towards my dream."
Divya Mishra
PhD*, Texas A&M
"CoS is one of its unique and much-needed initiatives. Many of us lose motivation or compromise with something not interested enough, and the CoS community has always been helpful to such curious minds. Interaction with community members has been a confidence booster for me and a reason for many good friends. Thanks to Dushyanth for all his efforts. We could definitely expand this initiative to help other natural science enthusiasts and encourage more people to pursue research in the long term."
Ankul Prajapati
College de France, PSL Paris
"CoS is doing an extraordinary job in creating a community of students, faculty and researchers from across the world to help connect the dots for the next generation of scientists and for each other. I found scholars across the globe working in the field to debate ideas, share new research, and form collaboratations at quantum hackathons. In this respect, the CoS platform has been a great resource. For the adept scholars, the CoS website offers excellent articles that are accurate and convey all the useful bits of information to pursue a career as a physicist/mathematician."
Amithab Yadav
Fellow, CERN
Affiliate, UC Berkely