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Books for JEST |AIR-6| Chintan Patel, TIFR Mumbai


Here is a post on Books, lectures, and notes recommendations for JEST physics. [We recommend you also go through this excellent post by Deepamla(AIR 3) on How she cracked JEST]

Electromagnetism: Griffiths Electrodynamics(excellent for problem solving). The book is more than enough for any physics entrance exam.

Quantum mechanics: Again, Griffiths QM is a self-contained book. Book by Prof. Ajoy Ghatak is also nice

Lectures: MIT OCW lectures by Prof. Allan Adams(highly recommend) and Prof. Barton Zweibach.

Statistical physics: Lecture notes by Prof. David Tong. Reif statistical physics is a standard. book

Lectures by Prof. John Preskill are highly recommended.

Classical mechanics: Taylor’s  CM is an excellent book for problem-solving. Landau Lifshitz mechanics is also recommended.

Special Theory of Relativity: I found Rindler’s book on relativity very helpful.

I highly recommend solving problems from this

You can find Problem sets for all subjects in it.

I have also uploaded some PDFs of some amazing problems.

About the author:
Mr. Chintan A.Patel has secured AIR 6 in JEST 2019 also has cleared I-PhD interviews of both ICTS-Banglore, and TIFR-Mumbai, and has chosen to join the later institute.

10 thoughts on “Books for JEST |AIR-6| Chintan Patel, TIFR Mumbai”

  1. Can u pls tell that how long was your preparation period and did you join any coaching classes and with jest exam how many other exams
    you were preparing
    Your reply would worthy for me
    Thank you

  2. Sorry for late response.
    I don't frankly remember the time period of preparation, since I didn't really keep track of it. And you shouldn't. You should read till you can focus and take regular breaks.

    And no, I didn't join any coaching.
    I was mainly preparing for JEST , GATE and TIFR.

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