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⭐Top BSc Physics colleges| THE BEST LIST ON THE INTERNET

Dushyanth Edadasula

Dushyanth Edadasula

I am from Srikakulam, a small town in Andhra Pradesh, and have done my MSc in Physics from Pune University, B.Tech from Andhra Univerity. I love Photography and I run this 'Citizens of Science' on the side. you can read our incredible journey from the 'Story so far' page in the top bar.


This is a post for those in 12th and are looking to become Physicists.
Unlike the manipulated and paid lists you find on popular websites, this is a list of the best places to do a bachelor’s degree in physics in India as opined by students who actually lived and studied in those regions.

Based on the information I’ve gathered from my friends, our Physics Dorm inmates, and the internet, I have put up the names of some of the good institutes that we felt are actually worth spending a few years in to study Physics.
It’ll answer questions like

How to become a Physicist in India?

How to become a Physicist after 12th?

What are the best colleges for BSc Physics in India ?

[After you read the article I’d recommend reading this post about how to excel during your Bachelors. It’s basically all the things I regret not knowing or not doing in my bachelor’s degree days How to make the most out of your undergraduate days?]

Types of courses:

Firstly these are the types of courses that are present:
  • Bachelors of sciences
    • Honors in physics
    • Major in physics
    • General B.Sc
      • The first two are considered equal but the Honors degree has a slight edge because more focus is laid on Physics. Also if you are opting for a general B.Sc make sure that you have 4 semesters of physics in your coursework so that you’ll be eligible to get admission in IIT through JAM.
  • Integrated M.Sc
    • B.Sc+M.Sc
      • It’s a 5-year course after which you will be receiving both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in physics.
    • BS-MS
      • This is also a 5-year course similar to the above which will be more research-focused and the value of the degree is increasing day by day.
      • IISERs, a Few IITs, IISC, etc offer these programs.
  • Engineering Physics, Astronomy, space science, or related areas
    • Engineering Physics in a few IITs
    • Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology(IIST)
      • B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering and ECE(With specialization in Avionics)
      • Dual degree B.Tech+ M.Tech/MSC.
      • You can get a job directly in ISRO after completion of the degree here.

Integrated MSc and BS-MS programs

               I’m listing out a few places that are known to us to offer Integrated M.Sc and BS-MS programs and the corresponding entrance exams that are accepted by the institute to give admission.
  • IISERs – Marks in 12th class(Central or state board), JEE Adv, KVPY. [Intake 1512 !! ]
  • IITs: JEE Advanced
  • NITs: JEE Mains
  • IISC: JEE-Main, JEE-Advance, KVPY, NEET-UG [Intake 120]
  • NISER Bhuvneshwar – NEST(Intake 200)
  • CBS- Mumbai – NEST [Intake 45]
  • IIST- JEE (Advance) [Intake 60+60+20]
  • University of Hyderabad: BS-MS: (their own entrance exam)
  • The Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), Kolkata (Intake:40)
  • BITS: BITSAT (There is B.E+MSc dual degree program and an integrated BSc+MSc program as well )
  • Pondicherry University: (Their own entrance exam)
  • In Kerala:
      • Mahatma Gandhi University: IIRBS
      • Cochin University: CUSAT – CAT ( newly started)


            Of all the options mentioned in the post, the BS-MS courses offered by IISERs deserve a special mention for multiple reasons. Firstly, because the intake is Huuu…ge, All 7 campuses put together take 1700+ students as of 2021. So, you’ll have a better chance to get admission than in any other good institute. I’d recommend applying for this at any cost through their website in all the channels you can. These institutes are established specifically to cultivate and encourage scientific research in the country. You can read the success stories as shared by the former students themselves here in their blog for the Alumni of IISERs(it is unfortunately taken down now for whatever reason). For more reasons read Why join an IISER? by the Founding director of one of the IISERs.

A Little background about the IISERs: Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISERs) is a group of premier science education and research institutes in India. Though they are rather newly established, they are growing at an incredible pace. The campuses that are established first (Kolkata and Pune in 2006 and Mohali in 2007) have already made it to top-tier research institutes in the country and will hopefully turn into the Holy grail of Sciences like IITs for Engineering studies. As of now, there are 7 campuses, situated in Kolkata, Pune, Mohali, Bhopal, Thiruvananthapuram, Tirupati, and Berhampur respectively.

Coursework: Coursework is very well designed with lots of choices for the students. Actually, it differs from campus to campus but mostly it is like one or two years of common compulsory courses in Basic sciences for all. Once these are completed, the student will have a plethora of options to choose from in the form of electives, majors, minors, etc. Best of all, Mohali has 80 electives to choose from. In the last year, coursework will be minimal to zero(as in Pune) and the sole focus will be on research or project work, which the student can do in any institute in India or even abroad.

Admissions: Coming to the main part, The institutes take students in 3 ways:

  1. SCB-State and Central Boards
    • To get in through SCB, one has to score above a certain cutoff percentage in their 12th which will vary from Board to Board (which for the year 2019 can be found here on their website) then, they will have to give an entrance test [IAT] conducted by IISERs and admission will be based on that score in this test. 

  2. IIT-JEE (Advanced)
  3. KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana)

Candidates can apply through more than one or all three channels if she/he wishes to, But have to apply for each channel separately. Do visit their FAQ section for more details.

B.Sc Physics

Here is a list of a few good colleges and universities listed state wise

Central & Private Universities/Institutes:

State universities usually have a very limited no. of seats for the non-locals so it’ll be very difficult for people who don’t have good colleges in their home state to get through. But Central & Private institutes do not have any such local reservations and are open to all. So, it’s better to apply to all  the good Central Universities, when you are applying outside your state. I’m mentioning a few such institutes which are known to have a good Physics Department.

  • Ashoka University⭐⭐
    • [Private Univ] It has outstanding faculty and course structure, world-class actually, probably the best in the country (No kidding, take a look at the faculty profiles, people are from highly top universities abroad).
    • The fee though, is very high BUT if you show the need for financial aid, there will be a fee waiver, in fact, 41% of students have a complete fee waiver. For full details about financial aid go through this.  The campus life is excellent and has very active & vibrant student clubs. It is extremely student-friendly. [This is not a sponsored article or anything lol. I’m seriously amazed to hear all the things about the place from a friend of mine studying there]
    • Do check out the detailed review Ashoka University: A Guide for the Curious of the Univ. by Rashmi Gottumukkala who studied there and is now pursuing a Master’s in Astrophysics at the University of Geneva. 
  • Azim Premji University, Bangalore⭐⭐
    • [Private Univ] This again has an excellently designed UG program, almost like that of Ashoka University, the fee is high (but lesser than that of Ashoka), but again they have fee waivers up to 100% based on your family income (details here).
  • Chennai Mathematical Institute(CMI)⭐⭐
    • CMI is one of the top research institutes in the country. Their UG program is also top-class.
  • Shiv Nadar University⭐
    • [Private Univ] It has good faculty like the other Private unis. I’ve mentioned earlier. The fee is high but there is a scholarship option.
  • Delhi University⭐
    • It has umpteen colleges on campus and you can apply to all of them in a single application (Although Stephen’s college needs a separate application)
  • BHU (Banaras Hindu University)⭐
  • The University of Hyderabad⭐


Unfortunately in India, there is a dearth of good Institutes, hence it’s inevitable that a lot of serious aspirants can’t make it to them. Those who can’t make it to such good institutes, end up choosing random local colleges due to a lack of awareness about the quality of colleges in nearby cities/states. To mitigate the problem a bit I have listed institutes on the basis of geographical location. The ones without star marks are usually not worthy enough to relocate to a different state altogether unless there is no decent option nearby your place.

West Bengal

  • Scottish Church College⭐
  • Presidency University⭐
  • Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, Belur (Boys only)⭐
  • St. Xavier’s College⭐
  • Ramakrishna mission residential college, Narendrapur(Boys only)
  • Lady Brabourne College (only for girls)
  • Jadavpur University
  • Bethune college (only for girls)
  • Ramakrishna Mission, Rahara (only for boys)


  • Ashoka University⭐
  • The University of Delhi⭐
  • Shiv Nadar University⭐
  • St. Stephens College⭐ (Though affiliated to DU needs to be sent application separately)
  • Ambedkar University
  • Jamia Millia Islamia


  • St.Xaviers college, Mumbai⭐
  • Fergusson College, Pune
  • Ramnaraian Ruia College, Mumbai
  • Jai Hind College, Mumbai

Uttar Pradesh

  • Banaras Hindu Universty [BHU]
  • Aligarh Muslim University [AMU]


  • Hyderabad Central University [HCU]


  • Chennai Mathematical Institute[CMI]⭐
  • Loyola college
  • Madras University
  • SRM, Kattankulathur
  • Madras Christian College (MCC)
  • Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College
  • Bishop Herber College
  • PSG college
  • Anna University
  • Amritha University

Andhra Pradesh

  • SRM, Amaravati
  • Krea University, Sri City


  • Panjab University


  • IISC, Bangalore⭐⭐
  • Azim Premji University, Bangalore⭐
  • Christ University, Bangalore


  • St. Berchmans College, Changanassery
  • CMS College, Kottayam
  • Baselius College, Kottayam
  • Christ College, Irinjalakuda
  • BMC, Thrikkakara
  • Aquinas College, Edakochi
  • St Paul’s College Kalamassery
  • St Thomas College, Palai
  • SH College, Ernakulam
  • Kuriakose Gregorios College, Pampady
  • University College, Thiruvananthapuram
  • Mar Ivanios College, Thiruvananthapuram

A Gentle Advice:  Since the 12th pass-outs will be just 17-year-olds and usually not so knowledgeable about how the institutes will be and which is good for them, it’s recommended to have some parental guidance or help from teachers or someone who is well educated and is generally experienced in these things.
To get the most accurate first-hand review of an institute it’s best to ask the students who are studying there currently or passed out of the college recently, usually, the universities put up the names of the students on their websites along with their email IDs. So, You can mail them or find them on FB by searching the names or looking up on the FB page related to that institute.

[After you read the article I’d recommend reading this post about how to excel during your bachelor’s which you’re about to begin. It’s basically all the things I extremely regret not knowing or doing during my bachelor’s degree How to make the most out of your undergraduate days?]

Apart from physics there also are many other options available. I request the students to be informed about all options available and sagaciously choose their Undergraduate degree rather than going with the herd. Also during your UG, stay with an open mind and keep all options open so that you can switch to any other field you happen to develop an interest in. I’m listing out a few such options: Engineering, B.Com, BA(literature, history, mass com, psychology, etc), B.Arch, BA-LLB, Prep for IAS, IES, IPS, IFS(UPSC, etc), Prep for Defence (CDS, AFCAT, etc), Physical education/sports college, Diplomas(commerce/vocational), BCS, BCA, Physiotherapy, Politics, CA, Actuaries, Professional courses, Fine arts, Business, Startup, Investments, Medical.


Note: Most of the information in this post is suggested to me by different people, all of whom I can’t thank enough. Finally, I’d like to remind you that the programs shown above are not the only good options available, there might be a few I have missed if you happen to know of any good ones that you think deserve a mention in the list, please do inform me either in the comment section or directly to me on my mail or in our Telegram group, we shall verify and add them in the post.

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  1. You mean to ask about about the quality of education, twcherte and all? I don't know much about the institute but iveI heard that it's one of the very good institutes in the country, I suggest you to fund contact details of people who graduated from the institute form thr same course (Or ecen others )in their website and ask them get know the first hand experience of it. If yiu have any specific questions in mind you can even mail the profs.

  2. Sir, I have a 76.4% in cbse boards. I appeared for jee mains and i am getting nit raipur and no other nits or other institutions. i will get colleges like government autonomous college rourkela, but they are not as good. i am obsessed to study theoretical physics but i am not getting any institutes. And due to my family financial issues i think i will have to go for nit.
    So, should i study in mediocre college or nit and then pursue theoretical physics. Please do give some suggestions.

  3. I got 91 in physics
    72 in both chemistry and maths
    Isc board overall% 79.75
    Wanna purse reserach colleges or bsc physics Hons. Or most preferably bs-ms course
    Plz suggest some good colleges ASAP

  4. HI, I have an aggregate of 91.4 % (93.6 % PCM) in CBSE. I appeared for JEE too, but chemistry screwed me up real bad. I will however attempt to get into an IISER as I always wanted to pursue Physics. But I have noticed that they have been leveling up the difficulty of aptitude test. Can you suggest some good alteratives in case I dont make it into an IISER?

  5. All the options I've mentioned are reportedly worth doing an undergraduate in. But if you want the best research experience then choose a research institute or a central funded institute.

  6. Hey there, I want to do a BSc in physics real bad. But I screwed up my board exams. I got 70% in my CBSE. Can you please suggest any decent colleges?

  7. I think you should advertise this community or this blog. This blogpost was posted on September, 2018, I passed my 12th in 2019. Means this page existed when I was confused selecting a college for my Bachelor's. Your page doesn't show up in any google search but still it has quality content.
    My point is:- In 2020, many students will be taking admission in colleges, so, what are the chances that this blog will help them in their dilemma?

  8. I'm sorry for what you had to go through mate and I really appreciate that you wrote down what you felt.

    Here's the thing, I'm as clueless as you about how to get a better rank in Google. It's frustrating because, I know for a fact that this is by far the most useful post but isn't as popular as the other ones. The other educational websites are sold to private colleges and give absurd rankings. They also pay to promote their posts. On the other hand this blog doesn't have ads is completely unmonetised.
    I run it in my free time while being a graduate student. So, I request you to share this blogpost as much as you can with all your juniors, friends and relatives and help popularise it. I'd recommend you join our community on telegram as well. Please ping me when you join. I'd love to talk more about this with you.

  9. Sir I am a PCB student with more than 50% in aggregate for all the required important subjects can I get admission into physics honours in any good quality government college

  10. Sir can you please advice me a college to do my bsc. As i want to do my msc and research abroad. And am interested in astro physics and theoretical physics. Im in class 12th and am yet to give my boards. Thank you.

  11. Hello, my name is Akansha and recently I have passed my 12th standard from isc board. I want to do bsc phy hons so can u kindly tell me which university should I choose between amity university noida and Shiv nadar university.

  12. I got admissions from Ashoka, SNU and NTU for Physics. What would you guys advice me to choose and in which order? Thankyou so much

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