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Exams and probable dates

Dushyanth Edadasula

Dushyanth Edadasula

I am from Srikakulam, a small town in Andhra Pradesh, have done my MSc Physics from Pune University, B.Tech from Andhra Univerity. I love Photography, run this 'Citizens of Science' on the side.



This is not to be taken as the complete list of all the exams, I just listed out all the important ones and it is to be used just for reference. To see more No. of Institutes and exams visit this post How to become a Physicist after Engineering?
Also, do visit all other useful content of our blog Physics after Engineering.


Below is a page with the link for our WhatsApp group with 250+ members all of whom are engineers who actively discuss and help each other out in entering physics stream after engineering.

Mail me on [email protected] for further queries.

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