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#PAEabroad | Profiles, applications, rejects of PAEians doing Physics Abroad

Akash Gupta

Akash Gupta

I am from Mumbai, I am currently pursuing Masters in Astrophysics at LMU Munich and have completed my B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bhilai. I've been part of this vibrant community since 2019 and have met some really nice people sharing the similar journey!


Surendra Padamata
Current University: Penn State University
UG Details: Mechanical Engineering, BITS Pilani K.K Birla Goa Campus, CGPA: 6.75
Research Experience: Summer research internship at International center for cosmology, Thesis at University of Wisconsin Madison, Adjunct Researcher at Penn state and Visiting researcher at ICTS Bangalore
Break Year After UG: Worked as an Adjunct Researcher at Penn state on Numerical relativity and then at ICTS Bangalore on Gravitational-wave astrophysics
GRE General Scores: Q-161, V-152, AW-2.5   GRE Physics Score: 780
Fellowship/Scholarship: $24000 TA + $4000 Fellowship

University Degree Course Application
Penn State University PhD Computational Astrophysics $65 Selected
University of Southampton PhD Mathematical and Numerical Relativity NA Selected
University of Massachusetts
PhD Computational Science and engineering with
focus on astrophysics
$65 Selected
Washington State University PhD Computational Astrophysics $75 Selected

Akash Gupta
Current University: To be decided
UG Details: Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bhilai, CGPA: 7.99/10
Research Experience: Summer Intern at National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand. Worked on a project last semester under a prof from Dept of Physics in my college.
Break Year After UG: None
GRE General Scores: Q-167, V-147, AWA-4   GRE Physics Score: 870
Fellowship/Scholarship: €4000 Scholarship in Paris Physics Master, $14000 Scholarship at Missouri S&T

Comments/Advice: Take physics courses in UG as much as possible, especially for European universities, Stay Safe and Go Corona Go!!

University Degree Course Application
Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich Masters Physics, Astrophysics 0 Selected
Universite de Paris/Sorbonne
University (enrolled at Uni Paris)
Masters Paris Physics Master 16500 Rs Campus
France Charge
Paris Saclay University Masters M1 General Physics 0 Selected
University of Goettingen Masters Physics 0 Selected
University of Tuebingen Masters Astro & Particle Physics 0 Selected
Universitat Hamburg Masters Physics 0 Rejected
University of Freiburg Masters Physics 0 Rejected
University of Bonn Masters Astrophysics 0 Rejected
University of Padova Masters Physics of Data €24 per application Selected
Stockholm University Masters Physics 700SEK Selected
University of Sussex Masters Cosmology, Astronomy 0 Selected
McGill University Masters Physics (thesis) 117 CA$ Rejected
University of British Columbia Masters Physics 168 CA$ Rejected
University of Alberta Masters Physics 100 CA$ Rejected
UC Riverside PhD Physics 125$ Rejected

Ankul Prajapati
Current University: To be decided
UG Details: BTech Mechanical Engineering, NIT SURAT, CGPA: 7.81/10
Research Experience: IUCAA, IISER-K, IITKGP, IASc Summer Intern and winter courses
Break Year After UG: None
GRE General Scores: NA   GRE Physics Score: NA 
Fellowship/Scholarship: Fee waiver and RA

1. Profile vs CGPA: With 100% acceptance wherever I submitted the application except for one place due to their rigid curriculum rules, I can surely say that this was possible due to the strong research background and profile. As my CGPA doesn’t lie in the top ten students still, by the research work I was able to defend the low CGPA. Most of the institute gives equal weightage to CGPA and profile, In my case, I was able to score 100% in the profile while 70-80% in CGPA thus all over score allows me to enter into the top 10-15% student among the applicants of the same program.
2. Profile: 3 Research Internship, 8 Total Research papers at the time of application, Strong LOR, Realistic and visionary SOP.
3. Interview: I was interviewed in two programs, first for the Sorbonne University master program in fundamental modern physics. In this interview, they asked about my previous research establishment and checked the basics of quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, and thermodynamics. (Quantum Mechanics questions were from first three chapters of Griffiths book and lasted for approx 1 hour). Second for NUS master program in material science. This interview was similar to the first one and the main questions were from nanotechnology, basics of solid-state physics, and physical properties of materials. I will say only one thing, at present if you are studying in any year of undergraduate keep focus on your research profile and start working with professors or independently from the very first day of your realization of going for higher studies in Natural Science and try to attend any conference with a poster or oral presentation at your earliest, this will give you the actual picture of academic and industrial research work.

University Degree Course Result
Sorbonne University Masters Fundamental Physics Selected
ANU MPhil Quantum Technology Selected
KIT Masters Quantum Optics Selected
KTH Royal Masters Applied Physics Selected
Sapienza University Rome Masters Physics Selected
Polimi Masters Applied Physics Selected
NUS MS-R Material Physics Selected

Chirag Joshi
Current University: Tokyo University 
UG Details: Civil Engineering, PDPU, CGPA: 8.9/10
PG Details: MTech (Structural Engineering), CEPT University,2019 – 3.9/4.3
Research Experience: 2 years of research under the Institute of Seismological Research Center
Break Year After UG: None
GRE General Scores: NA   GRE Physics Score: 910
Fellowship/Scholarship: $1400 pm

Comments/Advice: Its simple process here at the University of Tokyo. Submit your GRE Physics score, TOEFL score, and relevant documents. They are selecting based on your knowledge and specially SOPs. So if you want to enter here so make sure you have a tremendous amount of fundamental knowledge. Due to this COVID situation, I had to interact with my guide on SKYPE before my selection.

University Degree Course Result
University of Tokyo PhD School of science Quantum time dilation Selected

Akash Shivan
Current University: National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
UG Details: ECE, Cochin university of science and technology 6.75/10
PG Details: MS microsystems and nanoscience, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan 3.7/5
Research Experience: NA
Break Year After UG: None
GRE General Scores: NA   GRE Physics Score: NA
1. 5000 NT$ per month in MS
2. 10000 NT$ per month + no fees in PhD

1. A Good recommendation letter will have a great value
2. Need to have a good grasp of basic concepts, this will be tested in the interview

University Degree Course Result
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan PhD MS in microsystems & nanoscience Selected

Kumar Abinash Mishra
Current University: TU Delft
UG Details: Mechanical Engineering, IIT Mandi, CGPA: 8.67/10
Research Experience: SPARK IIT Roorkee
Break Year After UG: None
GRE General Scores: Q-166, V-153, AW-3.5   GRE Physics Score: NA

University Degree Course Application
TU Delft Masters Applied Physics €120 Selected
DTU Denmark Masters Physics and Nanotechnology €100 Selected
Stockholm University Masters Computational Physics €80 Rejected

This post has been put together by Mohammad saad, Akash Gupta & Ayushi Solanki. I thank them very much for making this happen – Dussy 

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