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MS and PhD Abroad (East Asian Countries)



In this post, I will be telling you how to apply for MS and Ph.D. abroad. First, let me tell you about my self I completed my B Tech in Electronics and communication engineering from Cochin University of science and technology after that I decided to do my masters in physics abroad, I had a good professor in my university who taught me physics in 1st year of my engineering, I approached him and told my interest in physics, he was the one who told me about universities in east Asia. He sorted out a few universities and told me to apply, I got into Ms program in the school of nanoscience National Tsing Hua university this year after finishing my masters I am enrolled in the PhD program at the same university.


Why east Asian universities?
1. The application fee is very small compared to the universities in Europe and north America
2. The QS ranking of these universities are very high, the university where I study has a QS ranking of       251-300 in the world
3. Less or no tuition fee at all for MS
4. You will be getting scholarships which will be enough to cover your expenses.
5. Mostly everyone will be getting the scholarship, unlike European universities.
6. Beautiful place 
7. No need for additional exams like IELTS, TOEFL, and GRE, etc.


The application process is very easy, Every year the universities will put out the application form in their website, we need to fill it out with required documents that’s it, you will have an online interview with a few professors. This is a sure way to get admission you need to look at the university website find some professors and their research work, you mail them with your cover letter if the professor is convinced you will get admission easily, and if your doing MS then chances of turning it into a Ph.D. is very very high, 


National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) 

National Taiwan University (NTU) 
National Chiao Tung University (NCTU)

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