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The grand ‘Indian Science Festival’ with us (CoS) as outreach partner!


I’m glad to announce that we, the CoS community are officially partnering with FAST India (Foundation for Advancing Science and Technology) a non-profit institution as an outreach partner to promote the Indian Science Festival (ISF). ISF is an annual festival that happened in IISER Pune in 2020. It has been happening online for the past two years but in 2023 it is happening offline in Hyderabad.

Indian Science Festival (ISF)

Indian Science Festival (ISF) is an annual festival that happened in IISER Pune in 2020. It has been happening online for the past two years but in 2023 it is happening offline in Hyderabad.

They had over 50,000 attendees in the past few years and had over 250 speakers. The speakers include:

  • Directors & Vice-Chancellors of top Indian research Institutes such as Dr. Rajesh Gopakumar, Director, ICTS
  • Professors from top Institutions such as MIT, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, CMU, etc.
  • Founders & CEOs of private science-related industries and labs such as directors of Google research India, IBM Research India, etc.
  • People who worked with prestigious organizations such as NASA, Google, IBM, Dell, etc.

How do you participate?

They conduct three flagship competitions

Talk Your Thesis

Summarize your research in a crisp, 10 mins talk (For entry you have to submit a 2 Minute version). If you are a Master’s/PhD or PostDoc student or a recent graduate and would like the world to know about your work you should try a shot at this.

Wondering what’s in it for you?

  • Finalists receive mentorship and detailed feedback from our esteemed jury!
  • Winners get exciting cash prizes up to INR 30,000, global recognition, and glory!
  • Participants get the golden opportunity to network with fellow researchers, renowned scientists, and science communicators from across the world.
  • The top 5 finalists will be mentored by experts in the field to polish their skills in order to deliver a 10 mins public talk in front of a live audience at India Science Festival in January 2023, at Hyderabad.

Spin Your Science

Make the best use of your imagination, and write a short science-fiction story or poem. This is open for everyone and you would stand a chance to receive:

  1. Mentorship and detailed feedback from our esteemed jury, comprising acclaimed science-fiction writers
  2. Network with fellow science fiction enthusiasts through our workshops
  3. Get your work published on the ISF blog page and annual magazine!
  4. Win exciting cash prizes!

Science In Focus

Capture science in everyday life with your lens, and participate in our science photography contest!

The finalists’ entries will be displayed in an online exhibition as well as in an offline mode, (on the ISF grounds)


The deadline to submit your entries is 15th November 2022. Send your entries before the portals shut!

To read more about the competitions, click here:

If you have any queries, kindly mail those to [email protected] or [email protected]

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