Science Dorm- The Mission

Relative: What do you study?
You: Science
R: Oh! not Engineering?
You: No.
R: Why? You couldn’t crack IIT?
You: No. Because I like science. IISERs are like IITs for Science.

Does the above conversation sound too familiar to you?

It must be so, if you are a science student. Isn’t unfortunate that we have to introduce IISERs as counterparts of IITs? Many students in 11th-12th are unaware of these top-class institutes and missing out on them. It also goes vice-versa that the nation is losing out on their talent.

Can we do something about it?

We are trying to build an initiative to address this issue of lack of information and under-recognition of science institutes such as IISERs, IISc, NISERs, and CEBS, etc…

  • We are publishing blogposts on preparation for the entrance exams, reviews of various institutes by students/alumni of those institutes.
  • We bring together the current students/alumni and aspirants in our Telegram group. Where you can directly interact and help out the aspirants in exam prep or college selection.

Can I contribute to this?

Sure, you can.

  • If you just entered the Institute: You can write a blog post on your exam prep with recommendations of books, video lectures, test series, or even a study schedule, etc…
  • If you are already a few years through: You can write a blog post on your experience at your institute(IISER, IISc, NISER, CEBS, etc) so far to give a glimpse of the institute to aspirants & their parents too.
  • If you are an Alumnus: You can share your journey in the Institute. You can reflect upon how it helped you to reach where you are, what your other classmates are doing what the job opportunities are there. These posts will be very crucial in convincing the parents. You know, in India, most career choices are made by parents themselves.

Fill up this form if you are interested in writing a blog post on any of the above(or anything else that you think will help the aspirants):

Who are you? Why are you doing this?

In Citizens of Science, we try to help students pursue their passion by creating awareness about all career opportunities available in different streams. This ‘Science Dorm’ in particular is about Science Research Institutes.

The amount of misinformation or rather, the lack of credible information about basic sciences has troubled us at some point in our careers. This inspired us to do something to make it easier for the next gen.