Welcome to the

Earth Science Dorm

of COS

            Citizens of Science (COS) is a Not-for-profit initiative. We are looking to make a WhatsApp community of students & graduates of Earth Sciences from the top institutes all over the country, where they can stay connected & interact with each other. Parallelly, for those of them interested in reaching out to helping the newbies and enthusiasts, it’ll be a platform to facilitate that.

A similar initiative of ours for Physics & Maths was widely successful in that, 35 of engineers from our community made it to MSc Physics programs at IITs in the last couple of years. 

They actively interact & help each other in the groups, write blog posts about exam preparation and interview experiences etc. Check-out the wide range of blog posts from All India toppers in Physics & Mathematics. The blogs are so useful that Padmashree Awardee and renowned Physics author Dr. HC Verma, have appreciated them in a mail.

We believe we also have played a substantial role in compelling the IITs to change the eligibility criteria to patently allow engineers to do MSc Physics (Full story here)

So, I request you to join us, help build such a lovely community for Earth Sciences too.

Do join the community if you wish to be part of creating a similar platform for Bio-Technology where Earth Science students & Graduates from top institutes all over the country network with each other and also help out those enthusiasts who are confused regarding how to get into the field of Earth Sciences.