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Dushyanth Edadasula

Dushyanth Edadasula

I am from Srikakulam, a small town in Andhra Pradesh, have done my MSc Physics from Pune University, B.Tech from Andhra Univerity. I love Photography, run this 'Citizens of Science' on the side.


A list of Physics Internships submitted by our readers. Apart from these, there are many other places you can apply to. This is in no way the complete list of institutes. You can even mail the profs of any institute personally and get an internship, You’ll most likely not get paid this way so apply in places close to your home town or where a relative or a friend stays. I’ve written a complete post about the same here How to get Internships by Mailing profs? Albeit you’ll not get paid through those your chances of being accepted are higher in these than the official portals. So, do try both ways.

If you know of any internships available for Engineers in Physics do fill in its details here. 

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